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High res image from the webcam

A custom webcam for monitoring and marketing

When our client Berkeley Marine Center took on a major yacht construction project, they needed to give all parties (their client, the construction team and the naval architect) ongoing virtual access to the construction site. The webcam technology of that time -- 2009 -- would not be high enough resolution to view and discuss important construction details.

To solve this problem, Bay Design created software to drive a high resolution still camera and post the images automatically every 15 minutes on a private web server. This approach not only met the needs of the entire team, but also provided images for a time-lapse video of the nine month process distilled to under 6 minutes.

The video, posted on YouTube, and embedded on Berkeley Marine's website, has had over 100,000 views, providing a significant marketing benefit to the boat yard.

The photo above is from the webcam, and the video below is the time-lapse version posted on YouTube.