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CalWEA website

A Content Management System for a Non-Profit

CaWEA is a non-profit organization that supports the wind energy industry. Like many non-profits, CalWEA needs their website to fulfill critical roles -- serving the group's members and informing the general public. In addition, they need to use staff time and budget as efficiently as possible.

The website and content management system (CMS) Bay Design created for CalWEA allows office staff to easily update content. The site also allows for member-only sections, for member access  to private information and documents. 

The open source CMS, Drupal was used to meet all the the website's requirements.

View the website at:

Project: Redesign, improved architecture and functionality, CMS
Responsibilities: Design, branding, editing, photography, site architecture, web development including site migration
Technology: Drupal 8