About us

From our Berkeley office, we serve small to medium-sized businesses and organizations with a range of services unusual in the design world. This includes strategic planning, content development, web design, and web development, including database functionality.

By being able to address all the components of your web presence, we can suggest and implement solutions that can help your business thrive.

With our commitment to excellence, we offer unsurpassed attention to detail and level of service. We find ways to optimize your budget and maximize your results.

Web technologies

We often get asked what web technologies we use. The short answer is, whatever serves our clients best.

That means we'll take the time in the project definition stage to make sure all good options are being considered. We tend to like the open source CMS, Drupal, for sites that require a fair amount of flexibility or customization.

 If your needs are simple, we may suggest web services such as Squarespace, or Shopify. In other words, We have the breadth of experience to find the most appropriate and cost effective solution for your particular needs.

Our team

Louis Benainous is the founder and lead projects manager of Bay Design Associates. He brings the expertise and broad experience essential to his approach to marketing communications – consider the big picture, pay close attention to the details. He is supported by on-going relationships with a team of top-caliber designers and developers.

Louis first entered the world of media as publisher of The Mother Lode Weekly, a community newspaper in Sonora, California. He has taught in the graphic design department at Laney College and launched Bay Design Associates (originally Benainous Communications) in the early nineties.

He enjoys web design for many of the same reasons he enjoys the sport of sailing on San Francisco Bay – graceful lines, teamwork, challenging technology, informed decisions, quick judgments and always something new.

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